How to Sell Study Material Online?

The unforeseen economic recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world hard. Almost every sector in the industry has been affected, including that of teaching and education. The lockdown measures, risk of Covid virus illness, layoffs, etc. have led to a boost in remote jobs like online teaching and education. Moreover, to sell study notes online India is a great way to connect with people worldwide and earn a living. But, many questions arise while speaking about selling online education and study material. How to have your teaching services setup? How much can one earn? What are the several online teaching platforms? How to sell study material online in India? In the article below, we will highlight the essentials of online teaching. Stay glued!

What is Online Teaching, and How does it work?

Online teaching is educating students via the internet. One can use several methods of online teaching, such as webinars, group video calls, and solo video calls to teach online.

Teaching online gives you the comfort of sitting back at home and working at your comfort. All that is required is a stable internet connection and a laptop or computer. To be able to teach online, you need to be comfortable using the internet and computers. The knowledge of computers is an essential requirement because interaction with students takes place via video calls, direct messaging, and e-mails. Additionally, you might require digital resources to share data like videos, pdf files, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, etc. with the students. The best part to sell study notes online India is that you can reach out to every nook and corner of the country.

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Best platforms to sell study notes online India

Some of the best platforms for online teaching in India are listed below. Let us take a quick look:-

NIIT:- The NIIT app allows students to connect with the classroom programs remotely for absolutely no cost. There are over twenty programs on skill-based training in banking and finance, IT, as well as retail and management. Any individual with a stable internet connection and a digital device can begin training using the NIIT app.

The Khan Academy:- Khan Academy is amongst the first few educational academies to start the concept of online education. They began with uploading small educational videos on YouTube, and after a positive response, they started their app. The Khan Academy also flaunts the award of ‘2018 Google Play Best Social Impact’.

BYJU’s:- BYJU’s is one of the most popular platforms for online education. It claims to be a proud family of about 16 million registered students. It offers learning programs for students of grade 4th to 12th in subjects like Science and Mathematics. Also, there are various preparatory courses for students preparing for competitive examinations like GMAT, IAS, CAT, GRE, NEET and JEE, etc.

Unacademy:- Unacademy is another renowned platform that sells study notes online India. It has some highly educated educators as members of the faculty like Kiran Bedi. Kiran Bedi, governor of Pondicherry, was the first lady IPS officer. Unacademy also offers online courses for competitive level examinations like railway exams, JEE, UPSC, CGL GATE, chartered accountant exams, GRE, SSC, pre-medical, etc. They feature a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers.

Coursera:- Coursera is the next platform added to the list of academies that sell study notes online India. You can earn certificates on Coursera, but this provision is a paid offering. Coursera offers education in a wide range of subjects like the following:-

  • Data Science – ML, probability, and statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science – web development, programming languages, and mobiles
  • Business – accounts, entrepreneurship, and marketing
  • Science – medicine, chemistry, nutrition, and robotics

Bharat Skills:- Bharat Skills is a portal that offers skill-based courses following the NSQF curriculum. Presently, the platform features tutoring videos on around 79 skill trades like plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. It is a unique platform that sells study videos online in India.

E-patashala:- E-patashala is a NCERT initiative that targets the digital learning of students with the help of online uploaded data in the form of e-books, audios, flipbooks, and videos. It is available in Hindi, English and Urdu. With a collection of over 3886 resources, E-patashala is a massive storehouse of digital education material.

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Start an Online Teaching Platform of Your Own

A steady and long-lasting way to enter the online education business and to eventually grow is by starting a self-owned teaching platform. Ample learners are willing to get an opportunity to connect with the right educators online. If you have the required skills, then putting in a little effort can kick start your online teaching career & sell study material online.

To learn how to sell study notes online in India, you must first be aware of a lot of aspects of online education and learning. Let us dive in and know more in detail.

Learners these days are looking for digital learning programs that help them-

  • escape the day-to-day grind
  • master new skills
  • reinvent themselves, and
  • get educated in a safer environment

The step-by-step guide to starting your online learning platform

1 – Know your Audience

2 – Pick your Content

3 – Plan your Lessons

 4 – Create an application and a Website

 5 – Market your Platform

However, it is better to begin an online teaching career elsewhere before you plan to establish a platform of your own such that you already have an established audience by the time you start on your own. This makes money making easy and quick.

Know your Audience

The initial step is to know your audience. You must be well aware of the requirements and comforts of your audience before creating a platform to serve them. In-depth knowledge of what kind of audiences you are about to serve makes all the further steps an eased out affair. When you know your audience, branding, marketing, creating course content, and pricing becomes convenient and easy.

Pick your Content

The core skills and subjects that you are to teach is the content you would build for your learners. To know how to sell study notes online in India, you must be well aware and specific of your subjects. Being aware of what you are offering, you can focus on building innovative teaching methods for your students that add value to their learning.

Plan your Lessons

Having your target audience and content planning in place, you can begin concentrating on your lessons. The answer to how to sell study notes online in India? is by preparing detailed lesson videos and presentations for the students. Before you begin marketing for your platform, it is necessary to have at least one lesson per subject uploaded to attract students and learners. The first lessons are of utmost importance to get people familiar with your style of teaching.

To make your content interactive and interesting, you can add audio tracks, worksheets, PDF files, etc. to the uploaded video lesson. However,  you need not have multiple lessons videos uploaded before launching your platform, but a few uploads are a necessity. Furthermore, you can have a feedback section and improve on your offerings with the further lesson uploads.

Create an app and a Website – Sell Study Material Online

The next step is to have an app and a website for your online teaching service. Now, to create an app or a website is best done by professionals, and you can choose the best in the market. An app and website design company specializes in designing apps for different purposes, and you can rely on them for creating a user-friendly platform. You would need assistance to –

  • host your video content
  • upload study material data including audio, video, files in varying formats, pdf, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • develop a community space for learners and students
  • offer a range of payment options
  • build a customizable platform
  • monetize in a convenient way
  • access analytics

There are several apps and website design companies that offer services, but to invest in the one that holds expertise can be convenient for you in the long run. The base of online teaching is the platform and excellence in teaching. Lack of either one can lead to a downfall in your start-up.

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Some features that you must have on your app

Have a database – to have all the entered data stored for future use is one of the essential features to have for your online teaching app and website

User-friendly – the app and website must be user-friendly, such that students and parents can use it with ease. An easy-to-use app is always favored.

Live tutorials and interactive sessions – to have live classes with students and to have a separate interactive space for students is another essential for online education.

Regular test papers – there must be provision to upload regular test papers for students. Also, there must be a provision for students to raise doubts on these test papers as and when they arise.

Provide a personal space – there must be personal space provided for the student such that they get a chance of saving data that they might require in the future.

Easy payment options – there must be various easy payment options for the convenience of the users.

Feedback section – there is always room for improvement, and for the same to have a feedback section can be considered.

Easy access to data – with lessons uploaded regularly, there will be a time when there would be large content on the app in the form of videos, question bank files, etc. One must have easy access to any required data.

Progress Report – there must be a provision for regular uploads on the progress of the student. Some parents like to keep a check on the progress regularly. Also, if necessary, there must be provision for having one-on-one meetings with the parents, students, or guardians.

Market your Platform

Having a marketing strategy that hits the target audience is the final step to the question of how to sell study notes online in India?

The best way to market your platform is by using your existing platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, E-mails, etc. To spread the word can be the best way to market your portal for free. You can also opt for paid marketing that would require some investment but can prove to be fruitful instantly.

The future of E-Learning

Online learning has gained importance after the world got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the only source for teachers to teach and students to learn. Many began adapting to this digital method of education under pressure, but eventually, the same people have grown to enjoy the pros of online teaching. Online education has allowed millions of people to have access to knowledge irrespective of their locations.

With the world getting used to this new form of education, e-learning is to stay and flourish in the future. With new people getting enrolled each day on some e-learning platform, this sector is a growing one even during the economic recession.


The learning process these days combines internet technologies, learning programs, personalized instructions, audio-video content, and others. Everything is executed online with the help of the internet. To begin early in the evolving industry of education, this is the right time to invest in a self-owned education app and website. An early start can prove to be extremely fruitful in the long run of this changing world.

Sandeep Tiwari
Sandeep Tiwari is the founder of He is also the founder of Photon 11 Fantasy Sports Game. This is his personal blog, where he talks about his experience with fantasy cricket and the world of IT and Business.

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