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Dream11 Fantasy Cricket eBook

  • Tired of continually losing money by choosing the wrong teams?
  • Looking to leverage your knowledge of cricket and make money with fantasy cricket?
  • Don't have the time to research and devise a plan for fantasy cricket because of your job?
  • Planning a way to cover the losses that you have made recently?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES,

Then This eBook for You!

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About Author

Sandeep Tiwari is a pioneer of fantasy cricket and has vast experience, which he has gathered by playing for more than 5 Years Now!

He has made all of his fortunes through fantasy sports and is also the famous for his high investment small league teams.

Starting from 0 and reaching to earning 1 Lac+ per day has been a fascinating journey, and he has been able to fulfil all his wishes with the funds that he has generated.

He then formed his company and gave employment to a lot of Individuals and finally got the idea of creating an army of fantasy cricket enthusiasts who can replicate what he did and collectively contribute to the growth of a sound network of entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts!

Imagine earning alone vs thousands of people earning with and for you!!!

Before going any further, let's get the facts straight!

  • If you are looking for a quick fix that will make you millions of dollars overnight, this book is not for you.
  • What you will get is the exact formula and tricks that I have used to scrutinize every match and win big.

In this Dream11 Fantasy Cricket eBook, I have unraveled all the secrets and explained my winning blueprint from the beginning.

There is a lot of work involved, and you have to give some time to understanding the tricks so that you can seamlessly apply them while playing. This small time devotion and understanding is what will differentiate a winning move from the normal one.

To make sure this book solves all your concerns, I have started everything from scratch; basically began with talking about what is a fantasy cricket and all the way to the advanced techniques used in the last 5 minutes that define the success of your team!

Long story short, I have not explained to you how to create a team but explained everything you can possibly need to build a profession as a professional fantasy cricket gamer!

Looking for some proof? Here are just some of the recent screenshots of our users winnings!

Here’s exactly what you are getting…..

Be prepared to have your notes ready as the book talks straight about the steps you need to take and how I use the same strategies to win big in every match.

Some of the major things that you will get to learn in the book are -

  • FRJ rule for winning small leagues – This rule is all about using some hacks and identifying some key patterns which you can use to make money from small leagues and gather the capital you need to play in mega leagues
  • Ninja techniques of winning contests
  • Best secrets for making quick and easy money while playing head to head
  • Best websites to look for data in the last 5-10 mins before a match starts. How to avoid the common mistake of googling for stats at the last moment
  • How to weight in the crucial factors like the type of pitch and the recent performance of key players to build a solid strategy
  • How to bifurcate your budget for risk management while having the highest odds of winning
  • Selecting the best apps for winning and taking the unfair advantage while planning your strategy
  • Access to Private Telegram Channel where I share tips, tricks, team lineups and other details to help you win!

Wait a minute! But why are you revealing the secrets and encash the benefits all by yourself?

This is a common question which I have been asked many times and here is my reason -

The value of the book is 999 INR and for a limited period, you can get the whole bundle Just for free.

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I am certain that everyone buying the book and implementing all the strategies will easily be able to make Rs. 1,00,000/-

I just have a small request for all the buyers.

After you make the first Rs. 1,00,000 all I request you to do is pay the full amount of Rs. 999.

No Contracts! No Legal Obligation! No Emails! No Nothing!

I believe in my customers and the value I am providing in this book. These Rs. 999 has formed the most significant chunk of revenue till date from this Dream11 Fantasy Cricket eBook, and I am certain of getting the same in the future.

One of the highlights

Along with all this, you will also get lifetime support from my team. The strategies and approaches might change from time to time, and I will continue to provide you with updates forever!

I have observed the changes happening after regular periods and the support which you get with this Fantasy Cricket Prediction eBook Online; you are secured from these changes and their effects.

One of the most significant factors in my winnings has been my experience, and you won’t become a pro just by reading the Dream11 Fantasy Cricket eBook! Other factors play a role along and to make sure you earn from the starting, I share the teams and other details in the Telegram channel before all significant matches.

I also share constant tips and tricks that will help you gain experience and eventually make winning predictions! The list of websites, apps to refer to for data also change consistently and share the same in the channel.

Wondering what my customers think about the Dream11 Fantasy Cricket eBook? Here are some testimonials!


All the strategies used in this book have been tested thousands of times by hundreds of players, and I continue to generate the same amount of income from the past many years.

Reading the strategies will give you more clarity on how these are straightforward and bound to provide you with results.

Yes! Everything in the book starts with the very basics. If you love cricket and want to build a career in fantasy sports, this is a step by step instructions manual.

I have been implementing and changing the strategies since the past few years of fantasy cricket. The techniques are still being used by the customers and me every month, and they are instantly changed when we see a new trend. You will receive an updated copy of the Ebook on the day of the purchase and also the rights to receive the upcoming updates.

Click on the Buy button, and you will be redirected to Fantasy Cricket Ebook Telegram Bot. Follow the bot instruction, After successfull payment you will be able to download the Dream11 Expert Ebook Online in the Fantasy Cricket Ebook Private Telegram Channel.

Feel free to contact me on Whatsapp at 7408510215 if you face any specific problem while purchasing.

We accept all the major payment gateways including UPI, net banking, credit and debit cards, mobile phone money wallets and others.

You will get a 100% refund in case you are not able to download or access the Fantasy Cricket Winning Strategy Ebook. There are no refunds after the download has been completed.

You will get the details of how to join the Telegram channel in the Ebook. You can follow the steps and quickly become a part of the group.

This Dream11 Team Fantasy Cricket Ebook is thus not just an Ebook but a comprehensive package that will ensure your path to success with the right approach and time devotion!

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